WeatherXM Review – Setup, Earnings & Dual Mining

Review of the WeatherXM miner. I show the setup of this weather crypto miner, what it earns and its dual mining possibilities.

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Table of Contents

  1. What is WeatherXM?
  2. What does the WeatherXM weather station?
  3. Which WeatherXM station should I choose?
  4. WeatherXM setup step 1. The Weather station
  5. WeatherXM setup step 2. M5 miner
  6. WeatherXM setup step 3. Claim Device
  7. WeatherXM setup step 4. View data and earnings
  8. WeatherXM Earnings
  9. WeatherXM Dual mining
  10. Different Fry Miners
  11. DePIN miner playlist

What is WeatherXM?

WeatherXM is a community based weather network that lets us users setup our own weather station that collects weather data and we get rewarded for it. The local weather data can then be used for individuals, local services, businesses or research purposes.

crypto weather miner

What does the WeatherXM weather station?

WeatherXM offer three different weather stations, the WB1000 | WiFi, the WS2000 | Helium/LoraWAN and the WB3000 | 4G-LTE. These weather stations comes in bundles with everything included that you need to setup the station. All the stations measure temperature, humidity, solar radiation, pressure, wind speed, wind direction and precipitation. The WB100 weighs 2 kg.

Which WeatherXM station should I choose?

The three different weather stations, WB1000, WS2000 and WB3000, have unique features in terms of the location where it can be set up. The WB1000 WiFi station is best for areas where you have consistent Wi-Fi connection and are close to indoors where the M5 miner device can be powered with a USB cable. The WS2000 Helium/LoRaWAN station is better for remote locations with limited connection. This station uses the Helium network and LoraWAN for connection and data transfer. The WS2000 is self-sufficient using solar power. The last station is the WB3000 4G-LTE station that is versatile and can be used in areas that have 4G connection. This station is easy to setup, can be used in rural areas and is also self sufficient in terms of power using solar panels.

weatherxm setup

WeatherXM setup step 1. The Weather station

The weather station in the video at the top of this page is for the weatherXM WXM-WS1000, but it’s the same as the current WB1000 | WiFi station. These weather stations comes with a M5 miner and a GPS antenna, lorawan antenna, power cable and a usb cable. You put up the weather station outside and have the M5 miner inside where it is powered by a USB cable. The weather station and the M5 miner can then transfer data between one another through their antennas. The WeatherXM package comes with everything you need to set it up, even the screwdrivers. One you have screwed everthing in place, you setup the weather station outside and atleast 2 meters of the ground and 2 meters away from any obstacles. The weather station should be installed leveled and should be pointing north (see picture below). The weather station have no cables running to or from it.

weatherxm setup tutorial

WeatherXM setup step 2. M5 miner

Then you setup the M5 miner indoors next to a window as close as possible to the weather station. The M5 have a GPS antenna that collects the weather data. The M5 device should be powered on at all times. If you plan on setting up the weatherstation more than 50 meters/164 feet from this m5 miner you should also put in the lorawan antenna in the M5 miner. The M5 should be set to your frequency, if you are within the US I believe it is the 915 frequency you should use and for Europe and most other places it’s the 868 MHz.

WeatherXM setup step 3. Claim Device

Now we need to claim the weatherstation. Download the weatherxm mobile app. Create an account and login. Then click on the plus sign & choose “claim device manually”. Here you should enter in the serial number of the m5 miner. On the m5, swipe to the right until you see the serial number and type it in and click verify. Then allow the app to know your location and change the marker to the exact location you have put up the miner, try to be as accurate as possible. Click the little button to verify and then “confirm and proceed”. Then you have claimed your weather station.

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WeatherXM setup step 4. View data and earnings

In the app, go to “view station” and you will see all the data your weather station collects. You can also see there all your earnings your weatherxm miner have collected. There you must connect your app to your crypto wallet address to where you earnings will be sent to. Click on “see detailed rewards” and there you need to put in your wallet address. WeatherXM recommend using a metamask wallet. So just take your metamask address and paste it in there.

WeatherXM Earnings

The WeatherXM earnings are currently in WXM test tokens. But soon during 2024 the WXM mainnet launch will take place and all test tokens will be converted to real mainnet tokens that have value. But since the mainnet token is not out yet or listed, we don’t know the price of it and thereby don’t know the current earnings with the WeatherXM miners. The token will be launched on the arbitrum network, which can be handled by a Metamask wallet. Here you can see the tokenomics of the WXM token. If you want a crypto weather miner that is currently earning crypto with known value, you can see a video of the Fry weather miner here.

weatherxm earnings

WeatherXM Dual mining

With the WeatherXM Weather stations you are able to perform dual mining. The WeatherXM miners receive the WXM token for providing weather data. To this weather station you can also connect a Fry BYOD licence and thereby earn the Fry token as well. You connect your Fry BYOD licence through Fry Foundations weather portal to the WXM miner. The Fry BYOD licence cost $105 dollars. After connecting you will earn both tokens. Here is video showing how to buy and setup the Fry BYOD licence.

weatherxm dual mining

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