Top 10 Miner Earnings 2024

Showing some of my current DePIN crypto miner earnings, cost and ROI (return on investment) on 22th January 2024.

Top 11 Miner earnings list

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Table of Contents

  1. 1 to 4. Fry Miner Earnings
  2. 5. Weather Crypto Miner Earnings
  3. 6. ETCMC Miner Earnings
    1. 7. Crankk Miner Earnings
    2. 8. Geodnet Miner Earnings
    3. 9. IceRiver KS0 Pro Earnings
    4. 10. Evergreen Miner Earnings
  4. 11. MapMetrics Earnings

1 to 4. Fry Miner Earnings

Fry Foundation is a leaders within the DePIN sector regarding variety of DePIN miners. They have 23 different DePIN miners that collect data for their decentralized network within fields such as satellite data, weather, traffic, sound pollution, bandwidth sharing etc. All Fry miners earn the FRY token. The first four miners on my list are the Fry Satellite miner, Bandwidth miner, Decibel miner & Camera miner. All four miners cost the same amount, $162.5 each if you used the Fry Foundation 35% discount code: “NORDIC”. All four miners also currently earn the same amount, which is $0.92 per day in Fry tokens. This make the ROI (Return on investment) 176 days for all these four Fry miners.

5. Weather Crypto Miner Earnings

The 5th miner is the Fry Foundations High-end weather miner that currently cost $227.5 when using the 35% discount code: NORDIC. The miner earns $1.85 per day and therefore get a ROI of 123 days.

Weather crypto miner
Fry Weather miner

6. ETCMC Miner Earnings

ETCMC (Ethereum Classic Mining Community) is a community-driven and self-sustaining ecosystem that helps furthering the decentralization of the Ethereum Classic (ETC) ecosystem. ETCMC have a NFT based DAO, a DEX, soon an ETC mining pool and sell the plug and play ETC Node. These plug and play nodes help secure the ETC blockchain. The nodes are silent, easy to setup, use little electricity and earn the ETCPOW token. The node costs $446 if the ETCMC 10% discount code: “nordic” is used. The node earnings are currently $1.44 per day making the nodes ROI: 310 days.

7. Crankk Miner Earnings

Crankk is a IoT Proof of network participation (PONP) network built on the Kadena blockchain. A Crankk miner is a LoRaWAN gateway node that handles IoT traffic. Crankk supports 20+ different devices (for example: Bobcat 300 or Nebra), see picture below for complete list. Some miners can dual mine Crankk and Helium IoT tokens at the same time. To run a Crankk miner you need a LoRaWAN device, buy a Crankk software licence and perform a CRKK token stake. The earnings info only takes the software licence cost into consideration. The Crankk licence cost $145 if you use the Crankk affiliate code: C_NORDIC. A Crankk miners current daily earnings is $1.06 per day making Crankk mining ROI: 137 days.

crankk device list
Crankk device list

8. Geodnet Miner Earnings

Geodnet is a DePIN project that started in 2021. It’s a community GNSS (Global navigation satellite system) network that gather real-time space weather data with satellite miners. These miners are connected to satellites and create a reference grid on earth that results in centimeter precision that can be used for real world applications. This miner needs to be setup on a roof or out in an open field with a clear sky. The miner is called the MobileCM Triple-Band station and it earns the GEOD token. The miner costs $625.5 if used the 10% Hyfix Discount code: nordic. The Geodnet miner earnings are currently $6.37 per day, which gives the Geodnet miner a current ROI of 98 days.

9. IceRiver KS0 Pro Earnings

The IceRiver KS0 Pro is a kaspa miner that secures the kaspa blockchain. Kaspa is a crypto blockchain that is decentralized, open-source and a proof of work layer-1 solution. The KS0 Pro is an ASIC miner that only produce 25-35 decibels of noise. This makes it possible for me to keep the miner in my living room. The miner require 100 watts of power to run which just costs me $10 per month in electricity cost. The KS0 Pro currently cost $722 if you used the 5% discount code: NORDIC . The KS0 Pro currently earns
$1.68 per day and that makes the current ROI 430 days.

IceRiver KS0 Pro mines the kaspa token
KS0 kaspa miners

10. Evergreen Miner Earnings

Evergreenminer makes plug and play Chia famers that allows anyone to start contributing to the chia network, a layer-1 solution blockchain, and start mining the XCH token. The “miners” farm the XCH token with hard drives space that are called “plots”. In these plots occur transactions that solves the chia blocks within its blockchain that runs and secures the chia network. Chia aims to become a faster, more energy efficient and scalable blockchain compared to Bitcoin. The miner is Evergreenminers “Starter kit Pro” which currently cost $2699 if you used the evergreen miner discount code: NORDIC . The chia mining earnings with this miner is currently $2.81 per day making the ROI: 961 days.

11. MapMetrics Earnings

MapMetrics is the world’s first crypto navigation app that rewards users for driving and sharing traffic information using the Solana blockchain. You drive around with your bike, car or scooter whilst using the MapMetrics app, one of their SPT devices and update live road traffic data. MapMetrics SPT device is a small portable battery-powered device. MapMetrics app acts as a GPS navigation system while the SPT device collects map data. The current earnings are unknown due to their MMAPS token not being listed, but it will be listed in May 2024. The SPT cost $170 if you use the MapMetrics 10% Discount code: NORDIC

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