Top 10 Best Crypto Wallets 2024

Here I compare the top 10 most famous crypto hardware wallets and determine my favorite wallet in terms of wallets cost, fees and supported coins. At the end I show my winner!

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Table of Contents

  1. Whats is a cold wallet?
  2. Best Crypto Wallets 2024
    1. 1. Safepal X1 and Safepal S1 Pro
    2. 2. Cypherock X1
    3. 3. Ellipal Titan 2
    4. 4. Onekey wallets
    5. 5. D’CENT wallet
    6. 6. Tangem wallet
    7. 7. SecuX wallet
    8. 8. Trezor Safe 3
    9. 9. Keystone 3 Pro
    10. 10. Ledger nano x
    11. 11. Ryder one wallet – bonus mention
  3. What crypto wallet have the lowest fees
  4. Which crypto wallet supports the most coins
  5. Which crypto wallet is best for beginners
  6. Cheapest crypto hardware wallet
  7. Best crypto wallet app
  8. Best cold wallet 2024
  9. Most secure crypto hardware wallet
  10. What crypto wallet is the best 2024

Whats is a cold wallet?

A cold wallet is an offline hardware device that you store your cryptocurrency private key on. The private key is the key to unlock access to your crypto funds. By storing the private key in a physical hardware device you need physical verification to be able to verify transactions. By storing the private key in the cold wallet the private key is kept offline and is therefore safe against online attacks. Many crypto wallets utilize private keys that are encrypted with a 12-24 word seed phrase. These random set of words are therefore crucial for each cold wallet user to keep safe as they are the only way for the user to access their crypto.

top 10 cold wallets 2024

Best Crypto Wallets 2024

Here I review 10 different crypto hardware wallets showing their cost, fees, supported coins, security features and a lot more.

1. Safepal X1 and Safepal S1 Pro

Safepal X1 costs $30 and S1 Pro cost $90. The X1 connect to your phone using Bluetooth while the S1 Pro is a 100% air gapped QR code scanning wallet. Both wallets use seed phrase backup. You manage your crypto using the Safepal phone app. Their app is the best crypto wallet app with a ton of defi utility, swapping, earning and staking. Safepal wallets have one of the best coin and blockchain network support, you can even add tokens manually. Swapping fees are zero using binance feature and 0.2% using other swapping routes. Safepal are open source. Safepal launched their first wallet in 2019, are founded in China but based on the Republic of Seychelles.

safepal crypto wallet review

2. Cypherock X1

The cypherock X1 costs $132. The wallet consists of 5 parts, 4 cards and 1 X1 Vault device. The wallet does not use seed phrases but instead splits the private key into the 5 parts that are also protected by a PIN code. You need 2 parts to access your crypto. You connect the wallet to a computer and manage your crypto using their CySync program. You verify transactions by touching one of the cards to the vault device. Cypherock supports 3000 coins and most commonly used blockchains. Cyphrock support NFTs but do not have a swapping feature yet. The wallet cards firmware are not updateable keeping them safe from backdoor hacking. Cyphrock started in 2019 and is from singapore.

cypherock x1 review

3. Ellipal Titan 2

The Ellipal titan 2 cost $162. The wallet is an air grapped wallet that use QR-code scanning to verify transactions. You manage your crypto through Ellipal’s phone app. The touch screen is good and responsive. Ellipal titan 2 use seed phrase backup and also have anti-disassembly and anti-tampering features protecting against physical attacks. Ellipal have some parts open source. The app support 41 blockchain networks and 10 000+ coins. We can not add coins manually. Their app have swapping and staking features. The wallet can can handle NFTs on the Ethereum and polygon network. Ellipal’s swapping fees depend on third-party partners that always charge a fee. Ellipal started with their wallet 2019 and is from Hong Kong.

ellipal titan 2 review

4. Onekey wallets

The OneKey mini cost $58, OneKey Classic $89 and Onekey Touch $249. You connect these wallets by Bluetooth to your phone and manage your crypto using Onekey’s app. Onekey use seed phrase backup. The wallets support prettu much all blockchain networks and coins. You can also add coins manually. Onekey is open source. Onekey for sure have one of the best crypto apps with a lot of defi features. They have in-built news and a cross-chain swap function that have a fee of 0.3%. You can also store NFTs with the Onekey wallets.  Onekey have been around since 2019 with a wallet and are from Hong Kong.

onekey wallet review

5. D’CENT wallet

The D’cent wallet cost $129. You connect the wallet through Bluetooth to your phone and manage your crypto through the D’CENT app. This wallet got a Biometric authentication directly on the wallet that adds an extra layer of security to it’s seed phrase backup. D’cent are not open source. D’cent supports pretty much all blockchain networks and coins. You can also add coins manually. The wallet supports NFTs and you can swap and buy crypto directly in their app but they could not say how much the fee was for swapping. The app got direct integration with metamask. D’cent launched their first wallet in 2018 and the company is from South Korea.

d'cent wallet review

6. Tangem wallet

The tangem wallet cost $49 and is a card that you connect to Tangem’s phone app. To verify transactions you simply touch the wallet against your phone. Tangem have three different setup methods, seed phrase, importing other wallets, or without seed phrases using the other cards as backup cards. Tangem are open source. The wallet is not updatable which is great. Tangem supports pretty much all crypto coins and blockchain networks and you can add coins manually. You can not store NFTs on tangem. Tangem have a cross-chain-swap feature with fees from 0.35%. Tangem is the best wallet regarding physical protection as it’s waterproof and physically durable. Tangem launched their wallets in 2022 and are a company from Switzerland.

tangem wallet review

7. SecuX wallet

The Secux V20 cost $139 dollar. It’s a touch screen wallet that use seed phrases. You connect the wallet by Bluetooth to your smartphone and manage your crypto in SecuX’s app. Secux support over 50 blockchains and you can add coins manually, so SecuX have great coin support. Secux are not open source. SecuX wallets support NFTs. Secux do not have in app swap functionality, but they can connect to software wallets and dapps. SecuX started 2018 and are from Taiwan.

secux wallet review

8. Trezor Safe 3

The Trezor safe 3 cost $79 dollar and is a seed phrase based wallet. You connect the wallet to a pc through cable and manage your crypto through their Trezor program. Trezor is open source. The Trezor program support a few native standard coins, but mainly ERC-20 ethereum network for most coins which have expensive transaction fees. You can connect to software wallets like metamask and store more coins there. In the Trezor program you can buy, sell and swap crypto but their fee differs between 1% – 4.25%. So it’s possible but can be expensive. Trezor started in 2014 and are from Czech Republic. Trezor have proven their wallets are safe for long term cryptocurrency storage.

trezor safe 3 review

9. Keystone 3 Pro

The Keystone 3 Pro cost $129 dollar and is a touch-screen wallet you mainly use together with a software wallet. It have direct integration with metamask and other software wallets which you manage by connecting the wallet to your phone or laptop using QR-code scanning. It uses seed phrase backup. The wallet itself only supports a few coins but the software wallets within support all coins and networks. The Keystone 3 pro have the highest security specifications within the industry, utilizing three security element chips, were most other wallets just have one. The wallet have anti-tampering security. This wallet is a power house in terms of security features. Keystone launched in 2021 and they are from Hong Kong.

keystone wallet review

10. Ledger nano x

The Ledger Nano X cost $180 dollar and is the most used crypto wallet in the world. The wallet connect through cable to pc and manage your crypto using the Ledger live program. Ledger are seed phrase wallets. Ledger live support over 100 native coins and mainly ERC-20 etherum network coins, as we know have very expensive transaction fees. So, the network/coin support is therefore not that great with ledger. Ledger have been around since 2014 and is from France. Ledger have thereby earned trust over the years as a safe wallet for storing crypto long term. However, Ledger were hacked in 2023 were hackers implemented code in their Ledger Connect Kit.

Ledger nano x review 2024

11. Ryder one wallet – bonus mention

The Ryder One wallet cost $178 and is a new wallet that have not shipped yet, so I have not tried this wallet yet. This is also a wallet that does not use seed phrases but instead splits the private key into recovery tags that you can buy multiple of. These tags you can then share amongst family and friends and use as backup if you lose your main devices. The wallet is 100% offline. Open source, waterproof, dustproof, and is said to support most popular chains. And Ryder is from singapore.

What crypto wallet have the lowest fees

The crypto wallet with the lowest fees are the Safepal wallets. Their app have a swap feature that utilize Binance for trading which comes at no additional fee. Their other swapping routes comes as a 0.2% fee which is still the lowest out of all crypto wallets. So, the wallet with the cheapest fees are the Safepal wallets.

Which crypto wallet supports the most coins

The crypto wallet that supports the most coins is either the Safepal wallet, Onekey wallets, Tangem, D’CENT or SecuX wallets. All of these allow the user to manually add new tokens so there really is no limit to how many coins these wallets support.

onekey swap fee

Which crypto wallet is best for beginners

The best crypto wallet for beginners is the Tangem wallet. Since the Tangem wallet only requires you to touch the card against your phone to verify transactions it makes the wallet extremely easy and fast to use. Their app is also straight forward and easy to understand. Tangem wallet is thereby a perfect crypto wallet for beginners.

Cheapest crypto hardware wallet

The cheapest crypto hardware wallet is currently the Safepal X1 that only cost $30. Followed by the Tangem wallet at $49 and then the Trezor Safe 3 at $79.

Best crypto wallet app

The crypto wallet with the best app is the Safepal app. Their app includes support for all coins and blockchain networks, zero swapping fees, buying, earning and staking features. One of the best and unique thing is that the Safepal app allows swapping through Binance which have no fees. The app also allows for Binance’s earnings feature where users can directly earn passive income on their crypto assets.

safepal staking

Best cold wallet 2024

The best cold wallet for long term cold storage I think is a wallet from a company that have shown long term reliability. Both Trezor and Ledger are companies that have shown to keep crypto assets safe since 2014. So if I were to store a fortune in Bitcoin somewhere it would be in one of the two wallets. For me personally, I think the best cold wallet for 2024 is the Trezor Safe 3.

Most secure crypto hardware wallet

The safest wallet I think is either the Tangem wallet or the Cypherock X1 due to them not needing seed phrases. I don’t like having seed phrase papers laying around since that is an extra risk. I also want the wallet to be physically durable which these wallets are. And one of the most important aspect for me in terms of wallet security is that the companies can’t update the wallets firmware, making these wallets almost impossible to introduce a backdoor into. So I think the most secure crypto hardware wallet for 2024 is the Tangem wallet or the Cypherock X1.

tangem vs cypherock

What crypto wallet is the best 2024

For me it comes down to Safepal X1 or Tangem.
Safepal X1 got everything you need within their app and the wallet only cost $30. But I personally don’t swap, stake or earn using a wallet app. I only do those things directly on chain so I wont utilize those features that much. So for me it’s going to be Tangem as I prioritize security and ease of use a bit more.

Tangem Crypto Wallet Review

Holding the tangem crypto wallet

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