Safepal X1 & Safepal S1 Pro Review – The Best and Cheapest Cold Wallet?

Honest Safepal X1 and Safepal S1 Pro review were I show setup, security, coin support, fees and finish the review of with my final thoughts.

safepal wallet review

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Table of Contents

  1. Intro
  2. What is Safepal?
  3. Safepal X1 Price & S1 Pro price
  4. Safepal wallet unboxing
  5. Bluetooth & QR code scanning
  6. Safepal coin support
  7. Lowest trading fees out of all wallets
  8. Earning features
  9. Cypherock X1 wallet review- Final thoughts


I have used the Safepal X1 and S1 Pro wallet for a few months and I am very impressed by some of it’s features. On some levels these wallets are the best in the world and I think they will gather a lot of users.

What is Safepal?

Safepal is founded in China but based on the Republic of Seychelles. They launched their first wallet in 2019. The app and hardware wallet are both open source.

safepal s1 pro review

Safepal X1 Price & S1 Pro price

The price of the Safepal X1 is just $30 if you use the discount code: nordic@SFP. Without the safepal discount the X1 cost around $70. The S1 Pro wallet cost $90.

Safepal wallet unboxing

Each wallet package comes with the hardware wallet, a usb-c power cable and seed phrase papers.

safepal x1 unboxing

Bluetooth & QR code scanning

The X1 wallet use Bluetooth to connect to your phone. The S1 Pro is a 100% air gapped QR code scanning wallet, that connects to your phone by scanning a QR code. By being air gapped it means that no signal is getting in or out of the wallet, making the S1 Pro a bit more secure. You connect both wallets to your smart phone and use the Safepal app to manage your crypto. Both wallets utilize seed phrase back up.

Safepal coin support

Both wallets use the app which have full coin and blockchain network support. By “full” I mean that this app contains EVERYTHING, it’s no doubt the wallet with the largest coin/network support. You can even add tokens manually so you will definitely find all your coins in here.

safepal blockchain support

Lowest trading fees out of all wallets

Safepal have swapping & buying features in their app. Before you trade you can choose if you want to make the trade using several decentralized exchanges or centralized exchanges, like Binance. I have never seen a wallet featuring Binance before, and when trading using that option there is no additional fee on the trade. That is insanely good! The other swapping routes they offer have a 0.2% fee which is still the lowest fee out of all wallets I have tried. So it’s safe to say that these wallets have the lowest trading fee out of all crypto hardware wallets.

Earning features

Within the app they even have farming, staking and earning features. Something I have never seen in a wallet before. And guess what, the earning features are connected with Binance which enables you to earn with hundreds of different crypto coins. There is for sure no other crypto cold wallet that even comes close to these earning features. On top of that they also have cross-chain bridging in the app as well. By far the best defi utility wallet.

safepal wallet review (1)

Cypherock X1 wallet review- Final thoughts

Both the X1 & S1 Pro are easy to use & fit crypto beginners. The wallets are however simply a casing and I would go for the cheaper X1 wallet any day. I do that because it’s the Safepal app that truly stands out. If you are looking for a one-solution wallet were you can do everything you need within crypto I think any safepal wallet is the winner by far. The fact that you can trade and earn without any fees using their app is incredible and something that does not exists within any other hardware wallet. I rate this 10/10 mountain peaks.

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