MapMetrics Miner Review – Crypto Drive to Earn

Showing Mapmetric’s drive to earn crypto miner, it’s earnings and strategy on how to optimize earnings. The video below is old and outdated but it’s shows the Mapmetrics miner setup tutorial.

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Table of Contents

  1. What is MapMetrics?
  2. Earn more by sharing live traffic data
  3. How MapMetrics SPT Works
  4. The MapMetrics app
  5. How to connect the SPT device to the app
  6. The process of earning MMAPS while driving or cycling
  7. The Advantages of Using MapMetrics SPT crypto “miner”
  8. What is the MMAPS token?
  9. What is the MMAPS worth?
  10. This is the maximum reward amount of $MMAPS
  11. Do I need to keep my mapmetrics app open at all times?
  12. Mapmetrics – Evaluating the earning difficulty and tips
  13. Mapmetrics smart solution to avoid exploits
  14. Summary thoughts on Mapmetrics

What is MapMetrics?

MapMetrics is the world’s first crypto navigation app that rewards users with cryptocurrency and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) just for driving around and sharing information with the blockchain. The MapMetrics app is designed by the community and for the community, with a focus on privacy and reward. By driving around and updating live road traffic data, users can improve the navigation platform for yourself and the community, all whilst earning crypto directly into the built in crypto wallet. And with the app’s web 3.0 approach, we don’t have to share any personal data to create an account and start earning.

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Earn more by sharing live traffic data

MapMetrics is not just a regular navigation app. It’s designed to be interactive, allowing users to share live traffic data and improve their own travel experiences as well as the experiences of others in the community. By sharing information about roadblocks, speed cameras, and other factors that could impact your trip, you can increase your earnings.

How MapMetrics SPT Works

MapMetrics SPT is a small portable battery-powered device (that you can see in the picture below) that can be connected to your phone through the MapMetrics app. The app acts as a GPS navigation system, directing you to your desired destination while the SPT device collects map data while you drive or bike.


The MapMetrics app

 The MapMetrics app is a free GPS navigation system that connects to the SPT device. It’s available on both Android and iOS devices, offering all the features you need to start earning crypto and NFTs while you drive. The app provides users with directions to their desired destination, just like Google Maps. There are no hidden costs.  

How to connect the SPT device to the app

To use the MapMetrics SPT, users must first download the MapMetrics app and create an account. Then, they can connect the SPT device to their phone using Bluetooth. The app will automatically detect the device and start collecting data while the user drives, cycles. The SPT, or Secure Privacy Token, will guarantee the quality of the information shared between the community and the blockchain, encrypting the data within your device for added security.

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The process of earning MMAPS while driving or cycling

 As the user drives or cycles, the SPT device collects data about the roads and traffic patterns. This data is then uploaded to the MapMetrics network, where it is used to improve the accuracy of the navigation system. In return for contributing this data, users earn MMAPS a cryptocurrency that can be used for various purposes within the MapMetrics network. The data needed to run the Mapmetrics SPT using their app for 10 minutes was less than 50 MBs.

The Advantages of Using MapMetrics SPT crypto “miner”

  • Improved navigation information, resulting in more efficient and safer trips.
  • Free and easy-to-use GPS navigation app, accessible for people of all ages.
  • Opportunity to actively contribute to the growth of your crypto portfolio through MMAPS.
  • Versatile MMAPS cryptocurrency that can be used for various purposes within the MapMetrics network.
  • Growing value of MMAPS as the MapMetrics network continues to grow and attract more users.

What is the MMAPS token?

The MMAPS token lives on the Solana blockchain. The token is not listed yet but will be so soon on a CEX.

What is the MMAPS worth?

When the MMAPS token is listed the token is said by the mapmetrics team to by valued at $0.009 USD per token.

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This is the maximum reward amount of $MMAPS

The maximum amount you can earn per day per SPT device is 220 MMAPS tokens. And that is if you drive constantly without stop or any connection issues for 2 hours. The earnings are not based or calculated on the distance you travel or where you travel but for how long time you traveled. So it does not matter if you drive 100 km or 10 km, it is only time that influences your earnings. But that is under the criteria that you are moving, above a certain speed I suppose, and that you stay connected.

Do I need to keep my mapmetrics app open at all times?

Currently you need to have the Mapmetrics app running in the forefront of your phone at all times to keep the earning connection. But this is being worked on. And if your phone powers down your display after a short while, simply use the navigation system in the app and your display should remain up and active.

Mapmetrics – Evaluating the earning difficulty and tips

To get the maximum reward per day by driving 2 hours is quite difficult since driving usually involves stopping, driving slowly in some areas, red lights, phone not having a perfect connection. Because of these events the earning connection might go on and off. Each time your earning connection stops it takes a while for it to get up again. I have noticed that the more stops I do during a day of driving, the less I earn overall compared to If I just were to travel one long distance without any stops. If I wanted to earn the full 220 MMAPS per day, I would aim to drive at least 2.5 hours to have some wiggle room.


Mapmetrics smart solution to avoid exploits

I like that the earning connection is that not easily triggered. I think this is exactly how I myself would have wanted a drive-to-earn network to work. You have to have strict limits to earning features otherwise the earnings will only get exploited. So I have no issues with the earnings working this way.

Summary thoughts on Mapmetrics

The navigation using the Mapmetrics SPT is getting better and better with each month. If you want to use the SPT I would say, don’t expect the earnings to be perfect to the exact minutes you have traveled because then you will be disappointed. However, MapMetrics have not been around for long and I believe all of their features will only improve over time.

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