Keystone 3 Pro Review – The Safest Crypto wallet?

Is the keystone wallet safe? How does the wallet work and what are the wallets supported coins? See here in this Keystone 3 pro review.

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Table of Contents

  1. What is Keystone wallet?
  2. Is keystone wallet safe?
    1. Keystone 3 Pro unique security
    2. Keystone 3 Pro Multiple Seed phrase support
    3. Is Keystone audited?
    4. Is keystone wallet open source?
  3. Where is keystone wallet made?
  4. How to use keystone wallet
    1. Is the Keystone 3 Pro user friendly?
  5. Keystone 3 pro setup
  6. Keystone wallet vs ledger
  7. How much does Keystone 3 pro Cost?
  8. Keystone 3 pro discount code
  9. Keystone 3 pro supported coins
  10. How is the keystone 3 interoperability?
  11. Keystone 3 Pro Review

What is Keystone wallet?

The Keystone 3 pro is one of the cheapest crypto wallets on the market with unique security and interoperability features. It’s said by Keystone themselves that the wallet suits both new commers, traders or long term storage users. They also state that they have tried to make the keystone wallet unique by maximizing compability, partnership with other software wallets and innovation regarding security to stay at the forefront in that aspect. Keystone have managed to form compatibility integration with both Core and Metamask (the most used software wallet).

keystone metamask compatibility

Is keystone wallet safe?

The Keystone 3 Pro is technically the safest crypto hardware wallet on the market. It is the first wallet that use three secure element chips that together keep your private key and crypto funds safe. The wallet can work 100% offline and is air-gapped, meaning the wallet does not connect to bluetooth, wifi or any other devices. The wallet also supports biometric authentification. The wallet’s multi-layered protection, handled by the three chips, makes this wallet unique and the safest within the industry. Lastly, the Keystone 3 Pro can sign transactions simply using QR code scanning making signing a lot safer. This avoids the need to handle crypto addresses and makes the signing process easier and more secure.

Keystone 3 Pro unique security

It’s a wallet that set new industry standards. It is the first audited wallet that got three security element chips, one secure microcontroller that protects the fingerprint sensor, and that got a tamper circuit added to it. So it’s the first within several aspects of security. The microcontroller offers a great defense against online attacks. The multiple security element chips provides multiple layers of security. The anti-tampering feature makes the device erase the option to access your crypto if someone tries to break into it physically.

keystone 3 pro safety

Keystone 3 Pro Multiple Seed phrase support

With the Keystone you can use multiple seed phrase support and thereby use three different wallets within the same Keystone 3 Pro wallet. This enables you to make your crypto funds even safer. You can for example choose to use one wallet to only hold Bitcoin on. On the second wallet you can store all your NFTs. And on the third wallet you can use it more as a trading wallet. Thereby, if one of your wallets gets compromised your other wallets, and their crypto funds, will stay safe.

Is Keystone audited?

Keystone have been audited by two security firms, Slowmist and keylabs, to get their software and hardware fully audited

Is keystone wallet open source?

Both the Keystone software and hardware are open source.

keystone 3 pro review

Where is keystone wallet made?

The Keystone wallet is made in Hong kong. Both the Keystone headquarters and manufacturing is in Hong kong.

How to use keystone wallet

The Keystone 3 Pro is a touch screen based wallet that works similar to a smart phone. You can choose how you want to sign transactions with your keystone wallet. You can either use the QR code scanning camera or you can connect through USB-cable to your computer and sign there. For you to be able to sign using your computer your computer needs to have a camera to be able to scan the Keystone wallet.

Keystone 3 pro metamask

Is the Keystone 3 Pro user friendly?

I have tested a lot of crypto hardware wallets and this is the first wallet that almost felt identical to a mobile smart phone. Everything from how the touch worked to the placing of buttons and actions. The user-interface is very simplistic and easily navigated. The keystone 3 pro is definitely one of the most user friendly crypto hardware wallets.

Keystone 3 pro setup

The Keystone 3 Pro setup is quite straight forward. Simply scan a QR code with the wallet’s camera to verify the wallets authenticity. Then update the device either through usb-cable and a computer or through a microSD card (not included). After that you set a pin code and write down your 12 word seed phrase. Then you are done with the setup.

keystone 3 pro setup

Keystone wallet vs ledger

The Keystone 3 Pro scores higher on several security parameters compared with the Ledger devices. The Keystone is also a ton more user friendly and support a lot more crypto networks and supported coins. On top of that is the Keystone 3 Pro also cheaper than almost all of Ledgers devices. It is safe to say that the Keystone 3 pro easily outperforms Ledger.

How much does Keystone 3 pro Cost?

The standard price for the Keystone 3 Pro is $129. But there are often discounts making it cost $100.

Keystone 3 pro discount code

Keystone offers no discount code but currently have a general discount going on that makes the wallet only cost $100. Buy the Keystone 3 Pro here.

Keystone 3 pro supported coins

Keystone wallets support 200+ different blockchain networks and over 5500 coins. And more are added over time. The Keystone therefore have a lot more supported blockchain networks and coins compared with Ledger and Trezor wallets.

How is the keystone 3 interoperability?

Keystone are for decentralization and have integrated several software wallets such as Metamask, OKX wallet, Sushiswap, Solflare, Rabby and a lot more. It is safe to say that that the Keystone 3 Pro got good interoperability through Defi.

Keystone 3 pro review 2

Keystone 3 Pro Review

The keystone 3 Pro might be the safest crypto hardware wallet on paper. There is no other audited wallet that have three security element chip and an anti-tampering protection making this wallet great against both digital and physical attacks. Keystone does most transaction signing using QR code with is also a safe route. Regarding its physical protection, the Keystone 3 Pro is not water proof and looks quite fragile against blunt force or being dropped on the ground. I would thereby handle the wallet carefully. All in all, Keystone 3 Pro is an easy to use crypto hardware wallet with the best security features a cold wallet can currently have. I will definitely store some of my crypto on this.

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