IceRiver KS0 Pro Review – High Earning silent miner

Here is a kaspa miner Iceriver KS0 Pro review. I talk about how much the KS0 Pro earns, electricity cost, setup and and compare it with the older Iceriver KS0 miner. I also speculate about if the kaspa token will continue to go up or if kaspa mining will come to end with my own kaspa price prediction. I end of with my thoughts on if it is worth mining kaspa with the KS0 Pro or not.

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What is the IceRiver KS0 Pro?

The IceRiver KS0 Pro in a kaspa ASIC miner that helps secure the kaspa blockchain by the proof of work consensus mechanism. The reward for mining and securing the blockchain is the Kaspa crypto token.

How much does IceRiver KS0 Pro Cost?

The cost for the KS0 Pro miner can vary a lot and range between $450 to $1000 depending on where you buy it. You also need to take into account for including a power supply, shipping and potential import taxes.

IceRiver KS0 Pro mines the kaspa token
kaspa miners

Where can I buy the KS0 Pro miner?

The IceRiver KS0 Pro can be bought at a lot of places, one of them being at MineHash. They have fast shipping that arrive usually within 2 weeks.

What is the KS0 Pro electricity cost?

iceriver ks0 pro

The KS0 Pro have a power use of 100 watt. That costs around $10 per month to run the miner all day long.

Is the IceRiver KS0 Pro difficult to setup?

ks0 pro review

The IceRiver KS0 Pro is easy to setup and takes around 5 minutes. The miner only need a power cable and an ethernet cable before it can be turned on. The miners local IP address will show on the network, which can then be used to login to it’s local dashboard. In the dashboard one can add which mining pool to connect the miner to and which wallet address to receive the kaspa rewards on.

What is the KS0 Pro hashrate?

ks0 pro

The hashrate is 200 Gh/s. This is twice as much as the original KS0 miner.

Is the KS0 Pro a silent crypto miner?

This miner only produce 25-35 decibel of noise, which is little for being an ASIC miner. I can thereby have this miner in my living room without hearing it. Therefore, I think the KS0 Pro is one of the best silent crypto miners. Perfect to have in an apartment which is not common for asic miners.

KS0 Pro electricity cost and power watt
Power use in watt

Which mining pool should i mine kaspa in?

For mining pools I use miningpoolstats as my source of information. There you can find information about all the different pools for almost all PoW crypto tokens. The mining pool I use to mine kaspa in is I use that pool becuase of it being simple to connect to and use.

How much does the KS0 Pro Miner Earn?

The miner earn kaspa tokens every day that arrives in your kaspa wallet. How many tokens you get depend on the kaspa mining difficulty, in other words, how many others are mining. The difficulty keeps on increasing but so have also the price of the kaspa token. You can see the current price of kaspa here. According to the current mining difficulty and kaspa price, the KS0 Pro earnings is around $60 per month or $2 dollars per day.

IceRiver KS0 Pro earnings
My earnings with a KS0 and a KS0 Pro

What is the ROI for kaspa miner KS0 Pro?

The ROI, return on investment, for the miner depends on which price you bought the miner for. For me who bought it for $450 dollars the ROI for the KS0 Pro is currently between 6 to 7 months. If you bought it for $1000 the ROI is closer to 10 or 11 months. Which is still quick for being an asic miner.

Comparing the KS0 Pro with the older KS0 version

Both devices look the same but the older KS0 version only mines at 100 Gh/s whilst the Pro mines at 200 Gh/s, so the Pro mines at twice the capacity and therefore earns double the amount. The older KS0 require around 60 watt of power to run whilst the Pro version require around 100 watt.

Is Kaspa the Easiest crypto to mine?

Kaspa is a Proof of Work crypto currency that can be mined by both using GPUs, CPUs or ASIC miners. Setting up and using an ASIC miner might be the easiest out of the three, since it only requires plugging in and no additional mining software or programs,

Is the IceRiver KS0 Pro a good beginner crypto miner?

Since the Pro currently have such high earnings and is so easy to setup it’s a good beginner crypto miner. Out of all my miners, the Pro might be one of the easiest ones I have. The device never require any updates and I never need to manually claim my rewards so it can simply run 24/7.

Kaspa price prediction

Going into the upcoming bull run that I think we could see a 20-30B dollar market cap for kaspa. That would make the token increase another 10 times from its current price. Landing between 1-2 dollars per token.

Will kaspa continue to go up?

The kaspa token price have gone up more than 100 times during the last year. The adoption of kaspa miners have spread at an extremely high rate, resulting in a lot of people having a kaspa miner. The token itself have also grown a lot in trading volume on exchanges which makes a lot of people and exchanges wanting to hold the token. Therefore, if we continue to see an increased interest in the kaspa token it could potentially continue to increase in price.

Kaspa token price
Kaspa mining difficulty and kaspa price

Will kaspa mining crash?

There are a lot of people that have begin mining kaspa, but not nearly as many that are mining bitcoin. But the more people that begin mining kaspa the higher the kaspa mining difficulty becomes. A higher mining difficulty means that the rewards are split amongst more people and we ultimately earn less. But since kaspa have established such a broad mining community across the world I don’t think it will crash.

Is Kaspa the Best PoW crypto to mine?

Kaspa is currently one of the highest profitable PoW crypto token to mine. So yes, kaspa is currently one of the best pow crypto to mine in terms of profit.

KS0 Pro Review – Is kaspa mining with the KS0 Pro worth it?

The IceRiver KS0 pro is currently making about three times as much earnings than the electricity cost to run it so it’s definitely profitable. And since that is the case, I believe both the mining difficulty will for sure keep on increasing and lower our kaspa token earnings over time. But I also think we will continue to see higher dollar prices for the kaspa token, especially if we see another bull run. So since I believe kaspa will increase in price, it’s quite an easy choice for me to continue mining. So I think it is definitely worth it to mine kaspa with the KS0 Pro.

IceRiver KS0 Pro review

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