Iceriver KS1 Review – Insane Profitability 2024

I reivew the kaspa miner Iceriver KS1 and show it’s cost, earnings and profitability. I show the KS1 sound/noise and my kaspa price prediction 2024.

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Table of Contents

  1. What is kaspa mining
  2. Kaspa miner price
  3. Where you can find kaspa miners for sale
  4. Iceriver KS1 unboxing
  5. KS1 hashrate
  6. Iceriver kS1 setup
  7. KS1 Electricity cost
  8. Iceriver KS1 sound
  9. KS1 Earnings
  10. Kaspa miner profitability – IceRiver KS1
  11. Is kaspa mining profitable
  12. Is kaspa mining worth it
  13. Which is the best kaspa miner?
  14. Why Kaspa is not on Binance
  15. When will kaspa mining end
  16. Kaspa price prediction 2024

What is kaspa mining

Kaspa is said to be the fastest, open-source, decentralized & fully scalable Layer-1 in the world. The Kaspa blockchain utilizes the proof of work consensus mechanism like bitcoin, however it also incorporates a unique consensus algorithm called GHOSTDAG protocol. The protocol allows for faster transactions, improved security and better scalability of the blockchain. These features have made many specculate on Kaspa being the next improved Bitcoin.

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Kaspa miner price

There are many different asic kaspa miners were the price differs between $500 up to $40000. The Iceriver KS1 cost is currently $2654. I ordered the KS1 from Coinminingcentral were anyone can get their order $125 cheaper by using the coinminingcentral discount code: nordic. So the KS1 price becomes only $2529. However, the prices of crypto miners can change in a heart beat due to the market conditions.

Where you can find kaspa miners for sale

I have ordered 5 times from CoinminingCentral where I have got my miner within 1 week. They got most crypto miners including several different kaspa miners. They ship from UK and are able to ship world wide.

Iceriver KS1 unboxing

The KS1 was delivered by UPS to me in a large cardboard package. The inside is well protected with styrofoam and the asic miner itself is sealed in plastic. That was a good protection layer to keep dust away. The package does not include a power cable, which is a C13 16-20 amp power cable. You also need to get an ethernet cable.

iceriver ks1 unbox

KS1 hashrate

The KS1 is not the strongest kaspa miner in terms of hashrate, but it’s affordable for the amount of mining power it can provide. The ASIC kaspa miner’s hashrate is 1 TH/s.

Iceriver kS1 setup

To setup a kaspa miner is simple. You only need to connect a power cable and an ethernet cable. Then locate the IP address the miner is given on your network and login to it’s local dashboard using the IP address. In the local dashboard you paste in the kaspa mining pool you want to mine with and add your wallet address to where you get your kaspa token payouts to.

kaspa miner electricity cost

KS1 Electricity cost

The KS1 ASIC kaspa miner use around 700 watts of power. The power cost were I live is currently $0.048 per kwh. That makes my KS1 electricity cost $24.77 per month.

Iceriver KS1 sound

Crypto ASIC miners make a lot of noise. I measured the Iceriver KS1 noise to 77-80 decibel. That is the same amount of noise as high traffic. The sound made from the asic miners are a high pitched constant sound. This means that these miners can not be kept inside a regular home. You need to store these miners in a garage or separate house due to the high noise. If you are looking for kaspa miners that does not make any sound, check this article about the KS0 Pro.

iceriver ks1 sound

KS1 Earnings

The IceRiver KS1 earnings are currently around 2063 kaspa tokens per month which is worth $340.5. The kaspa earnings are always changing and depend on the current kaspa mining difficulty. The more people around the world that mine kaspa, the more difficult it becomes to get kaspa tokens rewards. The total mining power in the world is called the “total net hashrate”. The dollar value of the kaspa earnings simply depend on the current dollar value of the kaspa token, which you can see here.

Kaspa miner profitability – IceRiver KS1

If we look at the cost of the KS1 ($2529) and the current earnings ($340.5) per month it gives the KS1 an incredible profitability. The ROI, return on investment, is currently 7.45 months not including the electricity costs. When we include the electricity cost the ROI becomes 8 months. That is insane considering bitcoin miners usually have a ROI between 2 to 3 years. It is safe to say the kaspa miner KS1 profitability is extremely good right now.

kaspa miner earnings

Is kaspa mining profitable

Yes, kaspa mining is currently very profitable. However, when thinking about getting into kaspa mining you have to consider the increasing mining difficulty. A lot of people want to get in on this great current earnings and thus, as more people join, the kaspa mining difficulty increases. So, a miner that have 7 months ROI right now might have 12 months ROI in just 2 months time from now due to it’s popularity. At the same time, if the kaspa token price continues to increase, the ROI becomes even lower.

Is kaspa mining worth it

It is currently very profitable to mine kaspa and therefore worth it simply from a numbers perspective. Especially since the kaspa miners are still some what cheap and easy to setup. This is however not financial advice. The kaspa token price have been increasing a lot during the past 2 years and it does not look like it’s about to stop. Therefore, up until this point it have been extremely worth it to be mining kaspa. We can’t predict the future and can’t know if it will continue to increase in price. However, check my kaspa price prediction below for my speculation.

coinminingcentral discount code

Which is the best kaspa miner?

The best kaspa miner is the asic miner with the most TH/s. The asic kaspa miner with the highest TH/S is currently the BITMAIN Antminer KS5 Pro kaspa miner that mines with 21 TH/s. That mines 21 times more kaspa than the IceRiver KS1 does. You can buy the BITMAIN Antminer KS5 Pro here.

Why Kaspa is not on Binance

Kaspa is a fair launched blockchain protocol were the only way to acquire kaspa tokens have been through mining or buying tokens from the miners. Crypto exchanges like Binance or Coinbase need to hold a lot of crypto coins before they can list the coin on their exchange, to make sure they have enough liquidity. I therefore believe we are currently seeing both Binance and Coinbase buying all the kaspa tokens they see in order to soon list them on their exchanges.

kaspa miner profitability

When will kaspa mining end

Kaspa can be mined for another 35 years. In terms on when kaspa mining will stop being profitable is another topic. I believe we will continue to see the total net hashrate increasing for kaspa until the margins for profitability becomes too low. But that I think we will only start to see after kaspa is listed on Binance/Coinbase and the looming bull run might come to and end.

Kaspa price prediction 2024

Can kaspa reach 1 dollar? Is what many are asking. If we are seeing another bull run taking place in 2024/2025 were crypto prices explode, I believe we can see a peak of $25 billion dollar market cap for kaspa. My price prediction for kaspa would thereby be a price of around $1.07 per kaspa token.

kaspa price prediction

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