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Best crypto miner

Best crypto miner 2024 – 5 High Earning Miners

I show 5 of my best crypto miners, their earnings, difficulty, the best crypto mining software, where to buy crypto miners and a lot more.
hard drive mining

DeNet Review – DePIN Hard Drive Mining Setup and Earnings

Show DeNet earnings and node setup in this DeNet review. With DeNet users can earn by storing data online and hard drive mining by providing storage.
crypto fee comparison

Crypto Exchange Fee Comparison – List of the Cheapest Places to Buy Crypto

A crypto exchange fee comparison showing the crypto exchanges with the lowest fees.
geod staking

Geodnet Staking – Boost Miner Earnings 14X with a Superhex

I explain how Geodnet staking works in a superhex and how we miners can use them to increase our earnings.
free crypto tax calculator

Free Crypto Tax Calculator

Here is a free crypto tax calculator I have created that anyone can use. Make sure to watch the video tutorial were I explain how to use this free crypto tax software.
safepal wallet review

Safepal X1 & Safepal S1 Pro Review – The Best and Cheapest Cold Wallet?

Honest Safepal X1 and Safepal S1 Pro review were I show setup, security features, coin/network support and finish the review of with my final thoughts.
cypherock review

Cypherock X1 Review – One of the safest wallets in the world

Honest review on the Cypherock X1 wallet were I show unboxing, setup, security features, coin/network support and finish of with my thoughts.