Fry Satellite Miner Review 2024

Here I review the Fry Satellite miner in 2024 from Fry Foundation. Looking at setup, usage, earnings and profitability. I have had a Fry satellite miner since 2023-04-01.

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Table of Contents

  1. What does the Fry Satellite miner?
  2. How many fry satellite miners can I have in the same place?
  3. How much does it cost?
  4. Where can I use the Fry Satellite miner?
  5. Fry Satellite miner setup
  6. How much does the Fry miner earn?
  7. Fry miner profitability
  8. Should you make a Fry BYOD Licence satellite miner instead?
  9. Fry satellite miner review – Final thoughts

What does the Fry Satellite miner?

The Fry satellite miners collect GNSS data from satellites. This data is collected by the Fry networks using blockchain technology and users running the satellite miners are rewarded in $FRY tokens. Fry Foundation have two satellite miners, one indoor version and one outdoor satellite miner. Here is an article covering the 30 most common questions about the Fry miners & licences.

How many fry satellite miners can I have in the same place?

You can have 5 fry indoor satellite miners at the same location. You can only have 1 outdoor satellite miner per location.

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How much does it cost?

The Fry Satellite miners cost $250. With the package comes everything you need for the setup except an ethernet cable.

Where can I use the Fry Satellite miner?

You can use the Fry Satellite miner anywhere in the world, it does not matter which country you are in. The fry miner location does not matter and it does not either matter if there are other nearby satellite miners in the area.

Fry Satellite miner setup

The setup of a Fry satellite miner is very simple and plug and play. You simply plug it in, get a algorand wallet to where you import the seed phrases that came with your package. You can see a setup tutorial of the fry satellite miner here. This video is however 1 year old now.

How much does the Fry miner earn?

The Fry satellite miner currently earns 161.79 Fry tokens per day as of 2024-02-27. That is currently worth 2.55 dollars per day at the current fry token price. When Fry Foundation enters into mainnet launch the earnings will become 248.58 fry tokens per day for verified miners and 82.86 fry per day for unverified miners. Verifying a fry miner is very easy and can be done within seconds here. Verifying means that you specify the location of your miner. To see the earnings of all fry miners you can see the video below.

Fry miner profitability

By just looking at the current daily earnings with the fry satellite miner that makes $2.55 per day, and knowing the cost is $250, the return on investment (ROI) becomes 98 days. However, the profitability can change a lot since it’s directly correlated to the price of the FRY token which you can see here.

Should you make a Fry BYOD Licence satellite miner instead?

Instead of buying the hardware satellite miner you can create your own DIY Fry miner using the Fry licence. To do this you simply plug in a GNSS USB antenna into a computer, buy a FRY BYOD licence for $105 and install the fry program. Then you will be mining fry with a DIY Fry satellite miner. Here is a setup tutorial video on how to setup the Fry BYODl licence. The DIY Fry miner earns half of the fry tokens compared to the hardware bought from fry foundation.

fry byod licence

Fry satellite miner review – Final thoughts

I have had a fry satellite miner since april 2023 and it’s earning me fry tokens every day. This have been one of my most reliably income stream during the past year. It’s been giving me fry tokens that have had a quite stable price during all the bear market which is impressive. Now recently the fry token have started increasing in price and therefore also the fry miner earnings. I will for sure continue mining with this and all my fry miners as long as I can. The Fry miners have all been great miners for me so far.

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