Evergreen Miner Review – Watch Before You Buy – Earnings, Setup and Electric Cost

Here is my Evergreen miner review showing it’s earnings, setup and electric cost. I will also go through what it costs and end of with my ending thoughts on hard drive crypto miner.

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Table of Contents

  1. What is the Evergreen miner and what does it mine?
  2. How much does the Evergreen miner cost?
  3. What comes with the package?
  4. How is the evergreen setup?
  5. How much noise does the evergreen miner produce?
  6. What is the evergreen miners electric cost?
  7. How much “mining power” does an evergreen miner have?
  8. My evergreen miner earnings
  9. Evergreen ending thoughts

What is the Evergreen miner and what does it mine?

The Evergreen miner mines or farms the chia token using hard drives. The hard drive space is enabled to perform transactions to solve the blocks that runs and secures the chia network blockchain, a layer 1 solution. The aim with chia is to basically have a more energy efficient and scalable blockchain compared to bitcoin or Ethereum. The founder of chia is by Bram Cohen who also invented BitTorrent. The current circulating supply is 7.8 milion chia tokens, but the chia team pre-farmed 21 million chia tokens that they use for the development of the network. The chia token does have halvings that occur every 4 years.

evergreen miner review

How much does the Evergreen miner cost?

This cheapest version of the evergreen miner cost $329. However, the more expansion packs you add, the more the device will mine and therefore also cost. The shipping is also around $100 so take that into account.

What comes with the package?

Basically the miner consists of a hub with a power cable and several expansion packs that you connect back to the main hub. There are certain packages or bundles to buy where the amount of extension packs and the storage space in the extension packs varies and therefore cost different amount.
I got the starter pack which is the one you see in the picture below. The power cable is a type “G”. I also got an Ethernet cable with it as well.

How is the evergreen setup?

The setup includes downloading their app, turn on the miner and connect to the miner and you are up and mining. All earnings and how you handle the crypto tokens occur through the app.

evergreen miner setup

How much noise does the evergreen miner produce?

The device does give off a little bit of noise. I am not able to have the device in my living room. But I am able to put it in another room and it will be fine. The noise is sort of like a low humming noise. So if you stack up a bunch of these they will make a bit of sound. There is also some heat coming from the devices.

What is the evergreen miners electric cost?

The miners power use is 100 watts which equals to a current 9 dollars in electric cost to run this per month 24/7.

crypto hard drive mining

How much “mining power” does an evergreen miner have?

The evergreen miners chia token earnings are basically depending on the amount of hard drive space they have. These miners are labeled as how many TB they have. But the earnings are more exactly decided by how many “plots” you have. And plots means the calculating space in you hard drives. A common plot takes up about 101 GB of space. And the evergreen miners contain the following amount of plots within each sized miner.
6TB evergreen expansion have 54 plots.
10TB is 91 plots.
12TB is 109 plots.
16TB drive have 145 plots.
And it is either by putting in the number of plots into a chia calculator that we calculate the expected earnings with the miner. I convert the TB into TiB (A tebibyte (TiB) a unit to describe computing capacity. I write it in the calculate and it will show the current earnings. But basically, a higher storage space earns more.

My evergreen miner earnings

So, let’s look at the numbers for the starter kit pro. It currently costs 2999 dollars. It has 180 TB, or 163.709 TiB, which gives us 2.81 dollars per day in chia, it draws around 100 watts so around 6-10 dollars in electric per month. That gives it a return on initial investment ROI of about 2.96 years not considering the electric cost and roughly 3.27 years considering average electric cost. So, the pro kit is currently definitely profitable. However the time to get back the initial investment is quite long. So what does it take to become profitable. I would say that the starter kit pro is the minimum sized device. Going for any of the lower kits will end up with a too long ROI.

evergreen earnings

Evergreen ending thoughts

The only way to hit ROI, get my return on my investmentm is to buy the starter kit pro or an enterprise miner and mine with it for atleast two years and hopefully during the next bull run the price of chia does atleast a 2X in price. Then I could possibly sell and begin making pure profit with these miners.

So, the numbers here are not that great if I want to make a profit. Perhaps if one is able to get their hands on super cheap hard drives and set up plotting space on them themselves, that could lower the cost and bring up the profitability.

The one major thing that could turn these earnings around is if we start to see some major activity within the chia ecosystem, with it being widely used and increases demand for the chia token. Just as we see how Ethereum is being used in multiple L1/L2 solutions. But for chia, that seems very far away and more like a distant dream judging from their current situation.

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