ETCMC Node Review – High Earning crypto node for Passive income

Here is a review of the ETCMC Node. I cover how much the ETC node earns, electricity cost, setup, talk about the project behind the node. I end the article with my thoughts on the node.

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Table of Contents

  1. What is the ETCMC node?
  2. What does the Ethereum classic node earn?
  3. Is it difficult to setup the ETCMC Crypto Node?
  4. What is the difference between the ETCMC node and the Digital licence?
  5. What requirements does my computer need to run the digital licence?
  6. How much power does the node require to run?
  7. How many ETCMC nodes can I have?
  8. How much does the ETCMC node earn?
  9. My final thoughts on the node

What is the ETCMC node?

The ETCMC node is a crypto node that verifies and helps secure the Ethereum Classic blockchain. As a reward for helping the blockchain it is rewarded with crypto tokens.

What does the Ethereum classic node earn?

The ethereum classic node earns the ETCPOW crypto token. The ETCPOW tokens is a token created by the ETCMC project that helps fuel the overall ETC ecosystem and their community. You can see the price of ETCPOW here.

Showing the etcmc node, full package node and etcpow token

Is it difficult to setup the ETCMC Crypto Node?

The ETCMC crypto node is a plug and play device that is very easy to setup. Setting up one node is simply done by connecting three cables and starting the program on the node. Setting up multiple nodes, or digital licences, on the same network may require you to enable UPnP on your network for the nodes to find peers and sync to start earning. You can see a video tutorial on how to do that here.

Setup cables for the etcmc node.
Backside of 4 nodes

What is the difference between the ETCMC node and the Digital licence?

ETCMC offer both a plug and play node and a digital licence. The node is a mini-computer with the program and all settings already installed and ready to run. You do not need an additional computer to run the etcmc node. You only need a monitor, keyboard and mouse. The digital licence is a lifetime long licence that you can download and use on your own computer. The digital licence you can only buy using the ETCPOW token. You can buy the ETCPOW token currently on Hebeswap.

What requirements does my computer need to run the digital licence?

Here is the minimum system requirements.
Windows 10 or 11.
CPU: 4 core 4 thread.
SSD: Minimum 256 GB
RAM: Minimum 8GB.

ethereum classic etc node

How much power does the node require to run?

The node only needs 10 watt of power to run. So the electrical cost for me to run it 24/7 is less than 1 dollar per month.

How many ETCMC nodes can I have?

You can have how many ETCMC nodes you want, there is no limit. You can also get how many of your own mini-computers and run the digital licence on them. However, you can not run multiple digital licences on one computer. If you run several licences on the same computer you risk being banned with all your devices and nodes.

Picture of ETCMC etc crypto nodes
ETCMC nodes

How much does the ETCMC node earn?

The ETCMC node currently earns 163 dollars per month. Here is the explanation behind its earnings. The node currently earns 240 etcpow tokens per month. The node earned 400 etcpow tokens up until 2023-11-27 but then the rewards were reduced by 20% and then another 20% due to the large number of new users. The current dollar earnings with the node depends on the dollar price of ETCPOW which can fluctuate a lot. ETCPOW is currently valued at $0.68 which means the node currently earn 240 x 0.28 = 163 dollars per month.

My final thoughts on the node

The node is currently my highest earning crypto miner, or rather crypto device. It’s easy to setup and got a great community & support features. The project and nodes main goal to further decentralize and secure the ethereum classic blockchain is a great connection for a crypto earning device to have. Most crypto devices that earn crypto have no tangible connections. But the ETCMC node have a clear connection to the ETC Proof of work blockchain, which creates some form of stability and real use-case. I currently have 5 nodes and plan on getting more so I am definately liking this node and project.

17 thoughts on “ETCMC Node Review – High Earning crypto node for Passive income”

  1. Hej. Jag är intresserad av att köpa några stycken. Mitt problem är att jag sitter på ca 50k kronor. Finns det ett sätt att betala för de vid utlämning på ombud eller liknande.

    • Hi! The node is bought just like any other online product. I’m not the one selling the nodes but meerly interested and making videos/writing about them.
      If you are making a big purchase don’t forget to use the ETCMC 10% discount code: nordic . That will save you a great deal of money

      • Wondering if you have any way to contact this company. It’s been 5 weeks and I’ve heard nothing. Bought 3 of these on the link through your article here. Very informative, thank you!

        • Hi! They have both a Telegram chat and a Discord server where anyone can ask questions. I often refrain from leaving links in comments, so instead check the ETCMC store where you bought the nodes, at the bottom there is a link to their Telegram and twitter. From there they are additional links on their twitter profile that takes you to their discord.
          Regarding their shipping time, I guess if it have been 5 weeks you should be getting it any time now. Hope you get it soon! /B.r Nordic

  2. I don’t know if you managed to set it to start automatically in the event of a power failure, I’ve tried many options and it doesn’t work. If you are away from home and the electricity goes out, then it will not work.

    • You are correct. The ETCMC node is basically a running computer that needs to be started and run the ETC Node launcher program in order to start verifying transactions on the ETC blockchain and earn the ETCPOW token.
      It’s thereby needed to have constant power & internet access to run 24/7.


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