Crankk Miner Review – Setup, Earnings and FAQ

Review of Crankk miner showing my crypto earnings, setup, info about the Crankk project and tokenomics. Crankk update 7th March 2024: New Crankk software licences we now buy on Kadena Chain 19 (NOT any longer on Chain 0 like I say in the video).

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Table of Contents

  1. What is Crankk?
    1. What miners are Crankk miners?
  2. How do I earn Crankk?
    1. What is the Crankk Licence?
    2. How to mine Crankk?
  3. What is the Crankk token and tokenomics?
  4. What Crankk wallet can I use?
  5. Crankk vs helium
  6. What are the Crankk earnings?
  7. Is it worth mining Crankk?

What is Crankk?

Crankk is a full IoT Proof of network participation (PONP) crypto network built on the Kadena blockchain. By operating a Crankk miner, such as a Helium hotspot that is setup to the Crankk network it becomes a LoRaWAN Gateway node that is able to earn the Crankk token. Crankk wants to build out and operate a LoRaWAN network that provides coverage for IoT devices. Real world events can with IoT signals & data through the network be converted into smart contracts using blockchain technology. There are currently 4996 miners online on the Crankk network.

What miners are Crankk miners?

Crankk miners are LoRaWAN gateway devices such as the Bobcat 300, Nebra, Rak, Finestra hotspots and a lot of other common helium miners. Here you can see a device list on Amazon of devices that can be used to mine Crankk with. Helium hotspot miners can be used to mine Crankk and it is even possible to dual mine helium and crankk at the same time with some of these hotspots.

Helium miner bobcat 300 mining crankk

How do I earn Crankk?

People who put up a Crankk device and provide LoraWAN network coverage will earn crankk tokens (CRKK) daily. The coverage is periodically tested with a “Proof of coverage check” every 4 hours utilizing Kadena smart contracts. Users are thereby rewarded based on network participation.

What is the Crankk Licence?

The Crankk licence is a software licence that enables you to onboard your LoRaWAN hotspot device onto the Crankk network. The Crankk licence price is $150 in Kadena tokens. The Crankk licence was previously bought on Kadena chain 0 but switched to chain 19 on 7th march 2024.

crankk earnings and how to mine crankk

How to mine Crankk?

To mine Crankk you need a hotspot gateway device, a kadena wallet, a Crankk licence and stake Crankk tokens. The free Kadena wallet I use is called Ecko Wallet. You then create a Crankk account on and buy a licence that cost $150 in KDA tokens. To get the licence $5 cheaper you can use the Crankk affiliate code: C_NORDIC. Crankk update 2024.03.07: New Crankk licences we now buy on Kadena Chain 19. Then setup your device using Crankk’s guides. Lastly, to start mining Crankk you need to stake $100 worth of Crankk tokens that you can buy and stake on

crankk affiliate code
Crankk affiliate code

What is the Crankk token and tokenomics?

The Crankk token (CRKK) runs on the Kadena blockchain. The tokenomics is made to ensure a fair payout reward design that also favours early network users. Crankk miners receive 80% of all CRKK tokens over a 10 year period. The Crankk team only get 8% of the total tokens to finance and develop the network.

What Crankk wallet can I use?

I use the free Kadena wallet called Ecko wallet. I use this webbrowser wallet to transfer KDA in and out of my Crankk wallets that are on

crankk wallet
Crankk wallet

Crankk vs helium

Crankk is aiming to create a better version of the Helium IoT network where there are benefits to having the network being connected to the kadena proof of work blockchain.

What are the Crankk earnings?

The Crankk earnings are currently 10 CRKK per day if you got one miner that get both the sender and receiver rewards. You can easily get that by setting up two Crankk miners near each other. If you just have one Crankk miner you will only get 5 CRKK tokens per day, which is the sender rewards. The current Crankk token price is around $0.1, which means I am currently earning $1 per day with each Crankk miner.

Crankk miner and tokens
Crankk miner

Is it worth mining Crankk?

Crankk is unique in many ways with their underlying proof of work blockchain, supporting 20+ different hotspot devices and so it is difficult not to like Crankk. From an investment point of view mining Crank was very profitable during the early days but have lowered in profitability over time. Each Crankk miner is still able to generate $1 per day while using basically no electricity making it pure passive income. Since there are dual mining possibilities I will for sure keep on mining Crankk and see what ways I can extend my earnings. So I think it is worth mining Crankk if you already got hotspots laying around at home.

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