Coin Vigilante Watch Review – The Best Crypto Watch?

Let’s review the crypto watch from a crypto users perspective. I will unbox the Coin Vigilante watch and see if I think it is worth it for its price.

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Table of Contents

  1. Background
  2. How much does the Coin Vigilante watch cost?
  3. Crypto watch unbox and packaging
  4. What is the purpose of the crypto watch?
  5. Limited watch supply – Just like Bitcoin
  6. Coin Vigilante watch quality and feel
  7. What kind of watch are the Coin Vigilante watches?
  8. Buy watch with crypto
  9. Is the crypto watch worth it?


I am not an expert on watches. However, I thought it would be fun to share my view on these crypto watches as a crypto user. These watches are made by Coin Vigilante and are designed in US. Coin Vigilante have a few different watch versions, such as Bitcoin watches and Litecoin Watches that comes in both limited editions, shadow edition and in women editions. I decided to get the Litecoin limited edition model E with an additional silver strap.

Unboxing a crypto watch from Coin Vigilante

How much does the Coin Vigilante watch cost?

The Coin Vigilante watch cost $235, however there is a 15% discount code “nordic” anyone can use to save yourself 15%. You can see their watches here.

Crypto watch unbox and packaging

If you bought both a watch and a wristband they come in two separate boxes. One for the watch and another package for the metal silver strap. The strap also came with tools to change the straps. There is also a certificate of authentication for the watch. The packaging and boxes were a real nice detail and something for sure worth saving.

What is the purpose of the crypto watch?

Coin vigilante say themselves that these watches are made to represent the crypto movement, the revolution for sound money that show time and effort matters. A statement against fiat currencies (Dollar or Euro) which are constantly being inflated and lowered in value. These crypto watches are a symbol against that, representing the values behind Bitcoin, and true sound value that is in limited simply.

A litecoin crypto watch

Limited watch supply – Just like Bitcoin

One the back side of the watches, at least on the limited editions, there is an engraved number that your specific watch got. On the back of the watch is also the Litecoin genesis block hash. The first block hashed in the Litecoin blockchain. For the bitcoin watches there is the bitcoin genesis block hash. That I think is quite a cool detail. We can also see the Litecoin detail on the side of the watch.

Coin Vigilante watch quality and feel

I got this specific Litecoin model because I liked the black and silver colours against the Litecoin logo. What was important for me was that the crypto details on the watch are subtle. I don’t want people noticing my crypto watch while I am walking down the street. But if someone takes a closer look on my watch they will see the crypto logo and know that I support crypto. And I think the Litecoin watches gives me what I am looking for. But that is also a personal preference.

A crypto watch as an accessory

What kind of watch are the Coin Vigilante watches?

The Coin Vigilante watches are Japanese movement watches. Most of Coin Vigilante’s watches are chronograph watches, which is essentially a stopwatch. The watch have two sub-dials, one for hours and one for minutes. You start and stop the 60 minute stopwatch with the upper left pusher and reset it with the second lower pusher. The watches are made out of stainless steel, water proof down to 50 meters and have mineral crystal glass to protect against scratches.

Buy watch with crypto

At Coin Vigilante you can buy watches with crypto. They have the ability to buy any of their watches using either Bitcoin or Litecoin.

Review of the Coin Vigilante crypto watches

Is the crypto watch worth it?

I have been looking for good bitcoin accessories or crypto accessories for a long time without finding anything that I think looks good. These watches were the first crypto accessory I actually thought looked good. And now after trying them myself I can say that I made a good find. I am super satisfied with how it looks and feels. So I think these watches by Coin Vigilante are one of the best crypto accessories and definitely worth it if you are in to watches and crypto.

Holding a bitcoin watch

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