The Highest Earning Fry Miner – Best Crypto Miner 2024

Here I show the earnings of all Fry miners and the highest earning fry node. These earnings in this article are calculated on 2024-02-27. The video below show earnings from 2024-02-21.

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Table of Contents

  1. What is the Fry miner?
  2. What kind of crypto miners do they have?
  3. How much does the Fry miners/Fry Nodes cost?
  4. Are the Fry miners difficult to setup?
  5. Fry miner setup tutorial
  6. Fry miner earnings and multipliers
  7. The highest earning Fry miner
  8. Fry Nodes
  9. Fry Nodes earnings thoughts
  10. Fry miner profitability
  11. Will Fry nodes exists as BYOD licences?

What is the Fry miner?

The Fry miner are hardware crypto miners made by the Fry Foundation that earn the Fry token. They have 24+ different DePIN miners that collect data across different technical sectors, everything from satellite GNSS data to sharing bandwidth. Fry Foundations goal is co create the decentralized network of networks with all their data being utilized for real world applications. Their network and mining occur on the algorand blockchain. Here is an article covering the 30 most common questions about the Fry miners & licences.

fry miner

What kind of crypto miners do they have?

The fry miners include satellite miners, bandwidth miners, decibel miners, camera miners, weather miners, water/air quality miners and fry nodes to name a few. Fry Foundation will release even more miners in the future such as the energy miner and radiation miner.

How much does the Fry miners/Fry Nodes cost?

The Fry miners cost varies between $150 to $500. Although the cost changes quite often and miners that are in preorder stage are often cheaper. The preorder miners of nodes will however increase in price until they are launched.

Are the Fry miners difficult to setup?

Most of the Fry miners are plug and play and thereby easy to setup. Everything you need comes in the package with the miner. Since there are 24+ different miners they vary a bit in setup. The easiest to setup, are in my opinion, the satellite miner and decibel miner. After that comes the camera miners. The weather miners require some installation but are quite easy. I suspect the Fry nodes will be very easy to set up.

Fry miner setup tutorial

Here are a few setup tutorial videos of the fry miners. Satellite and Bandwidth miner, Decibel miner, Camera miner, Weather miner.

Fry miner earnings and multipliers

When the $FRY token price goes above 1 cent ($0.01) all fry miners are earning their fry token base reward. If the FRY token price goes below 1 cent all Fry miners earnings base reward are multiplied by 2x. In october 2024 Fry Foundation will go into mainnet launch were users Fry miners will earn either unverified or verified amounts. Until mainnet launch all Fry miners and Fry BYOD licences have a 1.5x multiplier on their base reward. Until mainnet, all miners therefore earn the unverified amount multiplied by the 1.5 multiplier. All Fry miner earnings can be found here, by going in to “Shop”, go into each miner, under details, and clicking on “Base $FRY Earned Daily”.

fry coin price

The highest earning Fry miner

These fry miner earnings were calculated on 2024-02-27 when the $FRY price was $0.015. The upcoming Fry nodes, that ship in Q3/Q4 2024, will be the highest earning fry miners. They will earn the verified amount of 1294 fry tokens per day. That would currently equal 19.4 dollars per day giving the Fry node a ROI of only around 26 days. In comparison, the current fry satellite miner earnings are 161 fry tokens per day and thereby 2.55 dollars daily.

Fry Nodes

There are three different fry nodes, the fry reward node, storage node and validator node. The Fry nodes currently costs $500 due to them being in their preorder stage. But you can get them for $325 by using the 35% fry discount code “nordic”. On 1th march 2024 the Fry nodes price will increase to $600. Every month until the nodes release these crypto nodes will increase by $100. The Fry nodes are expected to be shipped in Q3 or Q4 of 2024. The verified earnings for these nodes are, in my opinion, extremely high for it’s current price tag.

Fry Nodes earnings thoughts

I believe the early buyers of these nodes will be able to reach their ROI very fast due to the nodes high Fry token earnings. Now when we are at the base reward for all fry miners, the fry nodes earnings are at 19 dollars per day. And even if the fry token price were to go below 1 cent, then it would apply the 2x multiplier, and we would mine double the fry token amount (2588 fry tokens per day). So even though the fry price could become volatile during 2024, the fry miner earnings outlook is looking really good.

Fry miner profitability

The current return on investment (ROI) profitability for the fry satellite miner is around 98 days. If we compare with what the verified fry nodes ROI would be at current prices it would be around 26 days. All other Fry miners profitability are somewhere in between depending on their cost and earnings.

Will Fry nodes exists as BYOD licences?

You can create your own DIY fry miner, for some of the different miners, by using the Fry BYOD licence. The Fry nodes will however not be available with a BYOD licence and we will thereby not be able to create and make our own DIY nodes.

fry byod licence
ETCMC Node dual mining FRY using BYOD licence for indoor satellite miner

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